Yoast SEO Metabox: Focus Keyword and Content Analysis Tab


You’re now at the Yoast SEO meta box. Yoast SEO meta box has several purposes. The most important reason for this box is two different types of analyses that Yoast SEO does. It gives you two scores as well, A content score and an SEO score. Let’s start with the content score. The content score tells you what you have done right and what you’ve done wrong in writing your text. Wrong is, of course, something that you can think–have your opinion about, and we’ve done a lot of research into what makes a text easy to read and we’ve translated that research into checks that we do on your content that to see how you could improve your content.

One of the things that we’ve found, for instance is that long sentences are hard to read. Now we don’t just tell you that 6.8 percent of your sentences–in this case–have more than twenty words, we also allow you to highlight this result in the text above. So you can click here, and then you can scroll up, and as you can see, there will –sentences that are too long will be highlighted in the text, so you can easily find them and fix them. And the same goes for all the other ones. If you get a green bullet for your content score your content should be fairly easy to read, which is also indicated by the Flesch Reading Ease test which takes into account things like how difficult the words you use are.

Now the second tab is the SEO score. You put in a focus keyword, in this case, we put in the SEO copywriting checklist, which is an article we wrote on Yoast.com. Even though I’m on my local development environment, and we do analyses of all the things that you’re doing right and wrong in terms of SEO. We’re looking at outbound links; we’re talking about how long is your text and what we think a text should be–how long a text should be for SEO purposes. We’ll look at whether you have a meta description or not. Now if you want to and –write a method description, you need to go here. This is what we call the snippet preview. This is what the result of this page would look like in Google if you would search for this page and get here by searching for your focus keywords, so SEO copywriting checklist.

Now, in here, we can write a message description. This is an article that contains an SEO copywriting checklist. As you can see, it will bold it automatically, and it will update it immediately. Now it will also say–no longer say you don’t have a method description. It will say now your method description is under your–under what we would tell you to write, because if you have more characters, then you do now, you would get a two-line method description which looks a lot better. Of course, your method description doesn’t always show up, but we have a lot of text about that as well. There’s more here, though. Next to the content, an SEO score. If you go to the social tab, you’ll find that you can set a Facebook title description and image and a Twitter title description and image, to determine how this page will be shared on the different social networks. Twitter will fall back to the Facebook values, which will fall back to the meta description and other things you’ve set in the SEO and content tab.

We’ve also got an advanced tab, where you can do even more specific, advanced SEO things, like set a canonical URL, change what this page will look like into breadcrumbs and a lot of other things. Go around, play with it. If you have questions, either go to the help center Or go to knowledge-base –the Yoast knowledge-base on kb.yoast.com. Good luck.