Here Comes 5G

Yes, it’s a significant leap in mobile communications. But it means much more than that for your business. Is it time to take the first step to a faster business?

Five Ways 5G can power the growth of your business.

5G might be the most exciting development in business communications since the internet. Yes, it’s about faster speeds, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about building a faster business. Here are five ways it can help you grow:

  1. Productivity

 Smoother, faster work. High-quality video calls. Download files in seconds versus minutes. On-site Virtual Reality assistance for busy technicians. Real-time inventory analysis for retailers. Think efficient.

  1. Enhanced Channels

 Rich, Immersive multimedia. Customer and employee communications without limits. Salespeople with Augmented Reality product demos. Unforgettable training programs. Think deep.

  1. Customer Experience

 New ways to serve and surprise. The high-fashion digital changing room. Remote vision tests and health checks. Mixed Reality entertainment. Think thrilling.

  1. IoT connectivity

 Your connected universe. Machinery that alerts your engineers to prevent repairs. Soil sensors to direct micro-irrigation. Automated shelf replenishment. Think integrated.

  1. Innovation

 Create new markets. New services and business models. New automated processes. New products, experiences, and profits. Think beyond.

5G Changes Everything...

Okay, but how?

You don’t need to understand all the ins and outs of 5G to put it to work. But the techie stuff is kind of cool. Here’s a look at 5G’s five big leaps.

5G networks deliver five major leaps in these essential capabilities:

  • Latency – Reducing network lag means more life-like experiences.
  • Speed – Exponentially faster means exponentially better.
  • Coverage – New beamforming techniques will focus data streams at specific users, tracking them as they move.
  • Capacity – 50,000 smartphones in a stadium? Not a problem.
  • Density – An IoT world with a trillion connected devices? It’s coming.

The Tech Behind 5G

Here are just a few innovations that make 5G possible:

  • Spectrum – 5G networks can mix fast, high-frequency range with shorter wavelengths that travel further. Win-win.
  • Massive MIMO – A new way to get 64 transmitters and 64 receivers on a single antenna array. Each precisely targeted to aim where it’s needed most.
  • 5G New Radio – A whole new way to allocate resources to specific users and devices. That means a much more flexible network for all your business needs.

Get your business ready. 5G is expanding fast. Prepare your business by thinking about the implications now.

Start Your 5G Thinking Now.

Next level latency, speed, coverage, capacity, and density. Great potential for your productivity, communications, connectivity, customer experience, and innovation. Faster business.