Discovery Page

Our services are Not for everyone.. and that’s Okay

We would really enjoy helping out everyone who requested our services… however it is very important that each of our clients receive the necessary attention to achieve high levels of success.

Therefore we invite you to fill our discovery form if your company has the following position:

     1) Owns a business or works with a business that is already achieving some level of success, running ads or promoting their business in some shape or form.
     2) An active, healthy business that is already present in the market but is ready to move faster and farther in the marketplace.
     3) Has a positive attitude and reputation. Also sees the potential in long-term relationships that bring about massive ROI.

Here are a few examples of the types of companies we are unable to work with:

     1) Adult Themed Content 
     2) “Get Rich Quick” Schemes
     3)  First Quarter Start Up’s

We choose who we provide services just the same as you do.. And if you know you’re ready to receive a new mass of customers in droves to your website and definitely where it counts, Your Pocket.  For the clever and those who know the importance of careful screening and long-lasting win-win relationships, I invite you to take part in what we offer here at our company, with champagne bottles.

If that all makes sense, drop some lines in the form below so we can get into contact.